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Danse Orientale

Danse Orientale

Escanear - pub 3-13Cours de Danse Orientale qui se donnent les lundi à 17h30 (débutantes) et à 18h45 (avancées) dans la salle des sports du CESE-CdR, Rue Belliard, 99.

Ces cours sont ouverts aux membres de notre Association ainsi qu’ à leurs familles. Pour plus d’information, prière de vous adresser à:

Vous ci-dessous un message sur l’expérience vécue par une danseuse.

Pratiqué de façon habituelle, cette activité peut aider

À accélérer la circulation sanguine.

Améliorer la souplesse articulaire.

Tonifier et renforcer les muscles

Trouver la féminité.

Améliorer le maintien.

Renforcer le système cardio-respiratoire.

Développer l’équilibre.

Corriger la mauvaise posture.

Développer la concentration.

Trouver la sérénité et calmer le esprit.

Rester toujours jeune.


Statement from a dancer:

“I had colon cancer surgery in early August of 2012. It was successful but the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes. I am currently undergoing 6 months of chemo therapy.

About 2 months ago, I experienced severe contractions in my abdomin and vomiting. It lasted about 8 hours. I went to the emergency room and stayed in the hospital for 3 days. Three weeks later the same thing happened again. Each time my chemo was suspended. I was getting concerned that I would not be able to finish my chemo protocol. That’s when I danced and did yoga and the pain went away thus avoiding another hospital stay.

I had about 4 more onsets and again, danced and yoged them away. I am almost done with my chemo now, 2 months ahead of schedule.

I hope you can share my story which may help others in my situation. It apparently is not uncommon to experience contractions which is a result of adhesions (scar tissue) from the surgery which results in the intestines getting caught on the adhesions .The colon will continue to try and pull free causing the pain. The belly dancing helped to untangle the intestine thus improving the situation”.

— Janine Wright