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Organizing regular blood collections in our buildings and opportunities for blood and platelet donations in Brussels

This is the information concerning red cross blood collections within the European Institutions: Commision 14

Blood is needed every day

This is the information about where and when you can donate: donating_blood

To organise a blood collection in your building, please email our Red Cross contact

Donating blood and platelets

Only blood donations are organized on the premises of the European Institutions. Platelet collections are always by appointment, and can be made in three locations in Brussels: Erasmus Hustin and Woluwe hospitals. All relevant information can be found on the website of the Red Cross

There are two different categories of donors:

Regular donors can make an appointment directly for a platelet donation provided there has been a minimum of 15 days since the last donation (blood, plasma or platelets).

New donors can give blood the first time and after 15 days they can give platelets.
This information is valid as long as the person donating does not come within categories of people who cannot make donations.


Platelet donations

A donation is anonymous and donations will help all patients and not just a colleague or family member for whom we may be calling for donations. Your solidarity and generosity are of great help to families.Cancer Support Group, supported by the Local Staff Committee, the AST Network and the Well Being Network hopes to help with the maintenance of sufficient stocks of blood and platelets.