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Tom Meyer – Health Matters

Tom Meyer – Health Matters




I’m Tom Meyers, I’m trained as an Osteopath but see myself  foremost as a communicator on Health Matters through presentations, articles and a weekly radio feature. Cancer brings along many challenges for the person and can be very stressful for family, friends and colleagues. With the info provided through the various links my aim is to inspire, empower you and initiate stability in times of change and challenges.  On you’ll find a FREE eBook “Reaset the Return of Ease”, Health Matters features as presented on RadioX, articles I wrote for Together Magazine and dates for the workshops I animate for the School for Dreamers. Use and share this information and as you see fit in inspiring and helping others.

Reaset The Return of Ease (2014)

Pet for therapy

Pet for therapy

Pet therapy is a form of a therapy that uses the proximity of a pet to ease and lighten up the every day life of a person suffering from any kind of illness, disorder, physical or social
stress. A pet can help to reduce the after effects of a medical treatment or post-operative problems.

.pdf document: Activities assisted by animal 14052014

Tango workshops in Bordet

Tango workshops in Bordet

20140423 72DPI----LOGO AFFICHE TANGOOn Tuesday evenings, from 7.30 to 8.30 pm, we meet in Bordet to dance the Argentinean tango and turn the waiting room into a dance floor. Having gone through the appalling experience of cancer, when life wins but one is still recovering and fragile, why not indulge oneself in dancing the tango with one’s partner or a friend to enjoy some pleasurable and good time?

My project reflects my own experience and concerns more specifically breast cancer.

The breast is the symbol of feminine identity and when facing a mastectomy and/ or reconstruction, the shock is devastating. The “abrazo”, embrace, implies going towards the other with generosity.

In the breast to breast contact, the acknowledgement and respect by the partner make the woman discover the feeling of self-acceptance.

She can then restore her self-image as a pleasant and attractive woman and express her femininity naturally and effortlessly. The tango is a wonderful dance of great complicity.


Tango melodies are a discovery in themselves.

It is preferable to come with one’s partner/a dance partner. Supervision by a member of the Psycho-oncology Unit of Bordet Institute.

by Monica Gellert

For information and registration: 0476/26.03.58

Friends of the CSG

Friends of the CSG








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Official diploma for Reiki in Hungary and Hungarian can obtained @












Un magasin qui rassemble des vêtements et accessoires destinés aux femmes souffrant des conséquences d’un cancer. Celui-ci est sur différents sites en Belgique.






Comme l’aurait souhaité David Servan-Schreiber, l’équipe de met à votre disposition gratuitement le programme e-learning « Le mode de vie anticancer », basé sur le livre « Anticancer » de David.