Arts en Scène – 26.09.2015

Bossaflor 26 09 2015


Some information about the next concert of Arts en Scène, a programme sponsored by Afiliatys in support of Cancer Support Group activities, and its programme in two parts on the 26th September at the Mercelis Theater: a comic opera of G. Rossini between 15h and 16h30 and then a concert of sambas in Italian between 20h and 22h30 (cf. enclosed descriptions). Snacks (hot meals) will be proposed between 18 and 19h30. It is strongly recommended to book on Amicalement, Best regards,

Thanks to Philippe Quevauviller for his constant support to the CSG!


Relais pour la Vie – 26-27 September 2015

Cancer Support Group has a team for the Relais pour la Vie in Verviers on 26-27 September 2015 (from Saturday at 15h to Sunday at 15h) The address is stade de Bielmont – 92, avenue Elisabeth in 4800 Verviers.

The captain of our team is Tina Amatrice (for more info, contact her by email at the office).
You can enroll (there is a10 euros fee) via this link

and join the team to walk or run during the event. Many other activities are offered throughout the 24 hours!

If you cannot make it on the spot, you can still make a donation for our team. All proceedings go to Fondation contre le Cancer who are the organisers.

Oxygen – 20.09.2015



On 20 September, our colleague, Sarah, is organising in Ispra the annual event to raise funds to go towards research into finding a cure for Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma.  This is the event website: (Italian only for now). The event will be held in Ispra in collaboration with the JRC Triathlon Club “Oxygen”.

If you scroll down the first page of this website, you will find a link in the lower right hand corner “click to see video”,  showing the devastating effects this rare brain tumour had on Sarah’s son, as well as his gradual recovery thanks to what was a successful clinical trial for him. This gives hope that researchers may be on the right path, but in order to continue their research, they need funding. For more info contact

NEW! Cancer Support Group Paypal account

NEW – Cancer Support Group has now a paypal account you can make your donations to



Monthly Bossaflor concerts for the Cancer Support Group




The Project “Arts en Scène et en Saisons” (art on stage and in seasons) is built on the wish of cultural exchanges between Europe and South-America. Brussels, as a cosmopolitan City, is an ideal location to allow for such a meeting of cultural paths. The project is conceived as a multicultural bridge opened on sharing and diversity. The programme includes, in a first part, narrations in music and images speaking about the planet, the seven arts and science around the four elements and the seasons and their relationships with humans. Each event will honour one country through light meals and concert, theater or dance. The diagramme below gives an overview of the round of events planned for the 2015 season.


Cake sale March 5, 2015 between 12 and 15:00 BERLAYMONT Piazza

The funds will be donated to Idaho asbl to help finance the translation into 5 languages ​​of a documentary ‘La vie (entre) parenthèse’, which deals with breast cancer.

We are looking for a bakers and cooks for savoury and sweet pastries, and hungry people wanting to buy the cakes. We also need help with the stands !! And other ideas to help : call upon other cooks, spread the word, communicate this beautiful & generous initiative, organize a ‘ coffee break ‘ with your team by buying one of our cakes, etc … No limit to your imagination …

The contact points :


Tom Meyer – Health Matters




I’m Tom Meyers, I’m trained as an Osteopath but see myself  foremost as a communicator on Health Matters through presentations, articles and a weekly radio feature. Cancer brings along many challenges for the person and can be very stressful for family, friends and colleagues. With the info provided through the various links my aim is to inspire, empower you and initiate stability in times of change and challenges.  On you’ll find a FREE eBook “Reaset the Return of Ease”, Health Matters features as presented on RadioX, articles I wrote for Together Magazine and dates for the workshops I animate for the School for Dreamers. Use and share this information and as you see fit in inspiring and helping others.

Reaset The Return of Ease (2014)


Breast Cancer

“What can you do to prevent” PDF EN

Susan G Komen for the cure:

Breast Self-Awareness (BSA): PDF disponible en DEENESFRIT

Documents Powerpoint disponible en FR

Information on website :
Susan G. Komen for the Cure


Cervical Cancer

“What can you do to prevent” en PDF en EN

Colorectal Cancer

“What can you do to prevent” en PDF en EN

Lung Cancer

“What can you do to prevent” en PDF en EN

Prostate Cancer

“What can you do to prevent” en PDF en EN

Skin Cancer

Informations on website


“What can you do to prevent” en PDF en EN

forums of patients and experts .

Tai Ji Quan


Tai Ji Quan is a Chinese martial art.  In general, it is performed as a series of slow, flowing, but precise,   movements which make a harmonious composition or form. When practised regularly it helps to increase both physical and mental well-being and allows us to experience our bodies in a different way.  We learn to open our joints, release tension and gently stretch our tendons allowing energy to flow more freely.

Maria Peart has been studying Tai Ji Quan for 26 years and teaching for more than 20 years.

The classes will be carried out on a voluntary basis by Maria in the framework of the Cancer Support Group. Participants will be invited to make a contribution to the group’s bank account.

Classes are held each Wednesday 12.30 1.30pm in DG ECFIN’s well-being room situated on the 14th floor in the Charlemagne building except during the Summer break July16-Sept 10 included.   Since places are limited, please contact Maria if you wish to join the class.


Pet for therapy

Pet therapy is a form of a therapy that uses the proximity of a pet to ease and lighten up the every day life of a person suffering from any kind of illness, disorder, physical or social
stress. A pet can help to reduce the after effects of a medical treatment or post-operative problems.

.pdf document: Activities assisted by animal 14052014