Breast Cancer

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Cervical Cancer

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Colorectal Cancer

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Lung Cancer

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Prostate Cancer

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Tai Ji Quan


Tai Ji Quan is a Chinese martial art.  In general, it is performed as a series of slow, flowing, but precise,   movements which make a harmonious composition or form. When practised regularly it helps to increase both physical and mental well-being and allows us to experience our bodies in a different way.  We learn to open our joints, release tension and gently stretch our tendons allowing energy to flow more freely.

Maria Peart has been studying Tai Ji Quan for 26 years and teaching for more than 20 years.

The classes will be carried out on a voluntary basis by Maria in the framework of the Cancer Support Group. Participants will be invited to make a contribution to the group’s bank account.

Classes are held each Wednesday 12.30 1.30pm in DG ECFIN’s well-being room situated on the 14th floor in the Charlemagne building except during the Summer break July16-Sept 10 included.   Since places are limited, please contact Maria if you wish to join the class.


23/05/2014 Concert Âmes latines @ Maaelbeek Hall (New venue), rue du Cornet 97, 1040 Etterbeek

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The 5th concert of the Âmes Latines programme (charity concerts in support of the Cancer Support Group) will mix on Friday 23rd May Afrotropical Jazz, Samba, Baião with the Orchestre TOUBAB and the GANGORRA band.
NEW VENUE: Maalbeek Hall rue du Cornet 97, 1040 Etterbeek.
This concert will support through Cancer Support Group in particular the project of movie “It is their story” in support of women suffering from breast cancer.


Tango workshops in Bordet

20140423 72DPI----LOGO AFFICHE TANGOOn Tuesday evenings, from 7.30 to 8.30 pm, we meet in Bordet to dance the Argentinean tango and turn the waiting room into a dance floor. Having gone through the appalling experience of cancer, when life wins but one is still recovering and fragile, why not indulge oneself in dancing the tango with one’s partner or a friend to enjoy some pleasurable and good time?

My project reflects my own experience and concerns more specifically breast cancer.

The breast is the symbol of feminine identity and when facing a mastectomy and/ or reconstruction, the shock is devastating. The “abrazo”, embrace, implies going towards the other with generosity.

In the breast to breast contact, the acknowledgement and respect by the partner make the woman discover the feeling of self-acceptance.

She can then restore her self-image as a pleasant and attractive woman and express her femininity naturally and effortlessly. The tango is a wonderful dance of great complicity.


Tango melodies are a discovery in themselves.

It is preferable to come with one’s partner/a dance partner. Supervision by a member of the Psycho-oncology Unit of Bordet Institute.

by Monica Gellert

For information and registration: 0476/26.03.58

Fondation ARC pour la recherche sur le cancer & Plan Cancer 2014-2019

La Fondation ARC pour la recherche sur le cancer, reconnue d’utilité publique, est la première fondation entièrement dédiée à la recherche sur le cancer à l’échelon national. Son ambition est de permettre que d’ici 10 à 15 ans, deux cancers sur trois soient guéris (au lieu de un sur deux aujourd’hui).

* Plan cancer 2014-2019