A step towards wellbeing… the Reiki experience

A step towards wellbeing… the Reiki experience


Reiki information in German: Reiki experience v12_DE


The music is soft

The hands are laid

The energy comes and flows, making you feel well

The mind quietens, the body relaxes

The process of self-healing strengthens

The sense of wellbeing increases …


The practice of Reiki is integral to your wellbeing. Reiki stimulates the capacity of your body to self-heal, enabling a state of relaxation and harmony, encouraging spiritual development and thus contributing towards personal transformation. The Reiki energy is transferred by the practitioner through individual sessions for your greater benefit. A session lasts about 60 minutes.

nota bene: Reiki is not a replacement for traditional therapeutic treatments, it supports them.

Thanks to the current infrastructure, the Cancer Support Group can offer more colleagues and fellow Reiki practitioners the opportunity to receive or practice Reiki.


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