Helping the Exhausted Giver

Helping the Exhausted Giver

How to understand and support that part of you that needs nourishment?

Friday, 10.03.23,  12:00-13:30 presentation and 13:30–14:00 Q&A

Online via the following Zoomlink:

By Irene Nolte- holistic life coach

How to deal with illness?

How to support yourself, a loved one, a family member or friend, when a diagnosis has been pronounced?

In times of struggle, anxiety and stress, when exceptional demands are placed upon us, we develop different coping mechanisms in an attempt to make the best out of a difficult situation.

In this presentation, Irene Nolte, holistic life coach, takes you on a journey through five psychological profiles and shows how each is trying to deal with their own needs, as well as those of others. Understanding these emotional strategies can be an invaluable tool to understanding yourself and others better.

One example is the Exhausted Giver. As the name indicates, these are people who give a lot, often beyond their limits, in the attempt to help, repair, support, perhaps even save.

Despite this great generosity and perhaps even selflessness, the question of course that arises is- at what cost?

What can Exhausted Givers do to support themselves better and get the care and nourishment they might desperately need? What food would support you in times of exhaustion, what clear steps can you take in a schedule that is too charged, no matter what?

Irene will answer these and many other questions, buy offering a practical toolkit with lifestyle and dietary advice, so that you can find ways to support your emotional and physical health.

Irene Nolte studied international politics and law (MA). After a burnout she decided to reconsider question of emotional and physical health that led her to pursue numerous complementary health studies throughout Europe.

This included a three‐year Shiatsu training in the UK and a four-year course in Macrobiotics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and natural health counselling course in Belgium. In addition to that she trained as systemic life coach in Berlin and in systemic constellations in different locations in Germany.

She is the vice president of the European Shiatsu Federation.

Over the past seven years she has repeatedly been invited to numerous DGs and trade unions of the European institutions to help staff with stress reduction and burnout prevention.

Irene Nolte

Integrative life coach
Coaching/ EFT /Shiatsu

Tel:  0032 (0)474 61 29 57

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