Who are we?

The Cancer Support Group (CSG) was created in 2004 by six colleagues who had some direct personal experience with this disease. Now this self-help group has grown to some 185 members and a significant number of colleagues interested by our activities. We offer a wide programme of activities: from assistance to sick colleagues during the whole medical and administrative procedure, to organising support and wellbeing conferences and workshops (reiki, self-compassion, kundalini yoga, tai chi, qi qong). We also offer coaching to colleagues coming back to work after a sick leave and we accompany them so that they make sure they start with the right foot. Our activities are financed by donations, particularly coming from our colleagues who practice Reiki and from BossaFlor concerts, but also by cake-sale, book and CD/DVD sales that we organise ourselves or colleagues organise for us.

Soon we will be offering regular kundalini yoga classes.